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Gathering of Engineers

Ludographic considerations from the Silicon Forest

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Talking of turkey...

It seems rather appropriate at this time of year to talk turkey, gaming turkey, that is.

At some point, in any game group, someone has to take a leap of faith and put down their hard earned spondulicks on the new game. You can't have everyone only buy games that they've played and decided they like, someone has to be the guinea pig. In our gaming group we were lucky in that we had two who were willing to take the risks and provide games for the group to try.

Eventually I started buying games, and first focused on those that I had played and liked, and that I thought woud be good to have in the game collection, either from a hosting perspective or from a family gaming perspective. After a while I started taking the plunge with games that were new to the group. And of course with buying games that I hadn't played before came the chance of buying turkeys. So, what are the games that I consider to be my turkeys?

  • Tortuga - a card game about pirates with really good looking cards, can't be bad, right? Wrong! This was almost painful to play in a solo walk through, but Eric was kind enough to play it once, which confirmed my initial thoughts
  • Royalists & Roundheads I - I _so_ wanted to like this game as it was based on the English Civil War, and features a battle that was fought only a few yards from where I used to live; however the game just didn't work
  • Die Baumeister des Krimsutep - OK, this is only a likely turkey as it came right at the very bottom of Dave's BGG.con list
  • Bohnaparte - unlike the original, where there are no 'strongest' cards - everything is balanced in trade - this one does have such a hierarchy; if you draw the top cards there is no incentive to trade them away

OK, a pretty short list, but there are plenty of new games in my collection that haven't been played yet. Plenty of opportunities for turkey's there.

On other fronts a lot of gaming related stuff going on. The local newspaper will be doing a piece on the gaming sessions I run at the local library, and I've managed to get Havoc/Sunriver Games included. I've already done an initial interview, and they're coming round on Monday to do some pictures. The school that my youngest attends is interested in doing something with board games, along the lines of the library games sessions. They're also going to publicise the library session in their monthly newsletter. SimplyFun parties are coming out of my ears at the moment, with 3 planned for this coming week. The company also sent articles to 3 of the small local newspapers, which all mentioned my name and number. Who knows if they'll get printed, but it could stir even more interest.

All in all, a very exciting gaming time for me.

Finally a very happy Thanksgiving to everyone!


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