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Gathering of Engineers

Ludographic considerations from the Silicon Forest

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Goodbye - I hardly knew ya!

The Gathering of Engineers will be no longer.

I first joined the Gathering of Engineers crew to help forstall this event - several of the original members had hit busy points in their schedules that were preventing them from posting regularly, so I stepped up to try and fill in some of that gap.

Sadly, it appears as if that was not enough to re-invigorate the GoE. Peoples schedules didn't settle down, and a few of them developed other outlets for their game related comments and analysis.

I will say I'm disappointed - I've enjoyed the back-and-forth of the two Questions of the Month I've been involved in, and I've also enjoyed the opportunity to spout off about various games, and games related gatherings. I'll miss having the opportunity to "debate" gaming issues - I've enjoyed having the chance to discuss these topics with fellow gamers.

Dave mentioned that this may have primed me to start my own blog, and he's correct, I've just set it up (going with Blogger, since it's the one I already know a bit about how to use). It's over here - if you have suggestions for a better name, I'm all ears (this one was picked to get it up quickly).

Anyway, my 'Geek profile is here - hope to see y'all around, either on BGG or on my new Blog.

Happy gaming!


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