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Gathering of Engineers

Ludographic considerations from the Silicon Forest

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Question of the Month: January

Being the first full week of January, each blog entry this week will answer the following question: "What are your game-related resolutions for 2006?".

Now, I will admit that this question is far from original, but here is the twist: I will be holding myself and the others accountable, providing a scorecard review both at midyear and year-end. Ssshhh, don't tell them!

Those of you playing from home can use this entry to post your own answers!


  • At 6:07 PM, Blogger Matthew Gagan said…

    I've resolved to play Die Macher five times this year.

    I've also resolved to do more role-playing this year - more narrativist in tone, and to find a RPG group whose role-playing tastes are more like my own. Hoping specifically to play Polaris, Dogs in the Vineyard, Burning Wheel, and FATE.

    I have some other thoughts, but that's probably ambitious enough.

  • At 3:15 PM, Blogger Wes M said…

    Gaming resolutions for 2006

    1) Play at least four games with my brother. I bought him Rommel in the Desert for Christmas with this in mind. Between RitD, Civ/AdCiv, and the two other block games I bought (in December, my birthday month,) Crusader Rex and Hammer of the Scots, I might have a decent shot at this. Gage is, let us say, somewhat stagnant in his social development skill set.

    2) Add four new games to my collection. As a small business owner, money is tight, (thus the Columbia Games package deal with multiple discounts as alluded to in#1.) Four games would keep pace with 2005.

    3) Get in one megagame. I’m thinking along the lines of die Macher or Twilight Imperium 3ed.. Though if I have enough players in a Civilization / Advanced Civilization, game (see #1) that might have to count.

    4) Get Monica (my wife,) to play a game of Crusader Rex. This may be the hardest resolution to achieve – she hated Awful Green Things from Outer Space and I’m not sure if it was the games silliness, or the fact that it was wargame-esque. I fear the latter.

    5) Get to Gamestorm for at least one day of play. Sophia will be 9 months old (exactly on Friday,) and getting my mother to sit both days is unlikely. Logistically, Friday night might be my only option. Boo hiss.

    6) Play an 18xx game. I think ultimately I will end up a Railroad Tycoon player, but I’d like to try an 18xx. This would probably happen at Gamestorm (check off #5 while I’m at it.) And perhaps satisfy the megagame (#3) as well. (Especially if I end up playing 1830 or 1856.)

    That seems to strike a nice balance between ambitious and doable.


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