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Gathering of Engineers

Ludographic considerations from the Silicon Forest

Friday, May 12, 2006

Burndown Update, Battleground: Fantasy Warfare

Things are looking good on the unplayed games burndown – quite a bit of progress since my last update.  I’ve managed some very focused spurts of activity to knock these down, plus the Ginn family visit and Ken’s willingness to play anything have put me back on track to finish this year.

Games Played Burndown as of May 12, 2006

It also helps that I’ve been purchasing fewer unplayed games this year than in the past three.  The highest rated unplayed games still on my to-play list are 1830, Battlestations, Liberte, Diplomacy, History of the World, Starship Catan, and Britannia.  All but Starship Catan are big, long games that will take some sincere effort to get played.  Fortunately I have a willing gaming group.

If you listen to The Dice Tower, you’ve been inundated with infomercials about Battleground: Fantasy Warfare.  The last 2 or 3 shows I’ve heard (I like the show much more than, ahem, Dug does.  Though I suspect his attitude will change soon) have had very detailed descriptions of the game, different races, and gushing enthusiasm for the game.  I trust Tom’s opinion on this and the game sounds interesting enough to buy without trying it first.  So I did yesterday in a big group purchase over at Funagain.

I picked up the Elves and the Orcs, as I think they are two decent races to start with and get the boys interested.  The idea of a miniatures game without the painting or collecting is appealing, but I have no idea if we’ll like it or not.  I’m only putting $40 at risk to find out, a smaller price than I’d pay getting into Warhammer or something similar.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Speaking of the Ginn family, Jim asked me this week how much it would cost to go to Essen.  This was in response to my statement that Essen wasn’t that much more expensive than going to BGG.Con given the expensive hotel costs (about $650 for me – I didn’t share a room).  I did some asking around (my numbers were skewed last year because of the family trip and extended travel in southern Germany) and the consensus is about $1400 – $2000 total not including game purchases.  This assumes you can get a flight over there for about $800, which seems likely again this year.  I’ll be going solo this year (meaning without family, but with a big crowd from Portland) and am excited about returning.


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