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Gathering of Engineers

Ludographic considerations from the Silicon Forest

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Thursday Already?

I was out this afternoon running errands, and thought to myself, "Self, you forgot to do your blog entry this morning!" Which was not entirely true, I'd forgotten to do my blog entry for yesterday morning. Ack. Time flies.

Today, I did a Good Thing. As I've written a few times before, I'm trying to cull down my game collection. I got far enough to have actually separated out a bunch of games, created a new storage area separated from anywhere my wife might happen to be in the house, and even sold a few to members of my group. I also did a little looking on eBay to see what sort of prices I might get for some of the more desireable games.

Today, I took all of the non-eBay games out to a local store, Rainy Day Games, to be placed in an auction taking place at the end of the month. All told, I brought in almost 100 games. A grand total of four had either missing or damaged parts, all of which came with the original game. A few games I'd had for a long time (more than 10 years) had some box damage. Otherwise, these were all in great shape, some never played.

While I was writing down the manifest (and trying to determine minimum bid, which I determined by either setting it at $5 if it seemed like a worthwhile game), I was surprised at the number of people coming into the store who came all the way into the back and marvelled at the collection. At least four people expressed interest in Goldland alone, and several were doing that knowing nod that means "Cool..." A contributing factor was the number of big box games that I'd brought in, very few of my card games got culled as they take up such a small amount of space. Sadly, I forgot to take Chez Geek with me...

I don't know that all of my games will get bought, although with the junk having minimum bids of $1, I figure that just about everything will find a home. If everything was able to pull in an average of $5 each, that would be $500 in store credit. That's a lot of credit, enough for almost 10 FFG games. Since I don't buy a lot from this store, that means that a lot of things I was intending to purchase online will become retail price purchases.

Mostly, I'll be happy that my games will get new life. There is something sad about a game that isn't played and loved, even if it is a loser like San Gimignano. (Note if you're attending the auction: it's a great game! Not.) While some games I own have considerably more sentimental value than gaming value, I'm happier if the game is hitting the table on occasion. Even if it's someone else's table. For that reason, I kept the minimum bids very low to encourage buyers.

I'm not sure I'll make the auction, as I'm coming home from Denver late on Friday, then have a four hour choir rehearsal the next morning, plus I'm anticipating enough disposable income generated from the auction that I'll buy yet more stuff. And so the cycle comes around yet again. Bing, purge, bing, purge.

Hey, I could have worse hobbies.

Oh, I do have worse hobbies. Whoops.

Again, my apologies for the late posting. I am almost certainly not going to be posting next week because of travel, so I'm now off the hook for that week...


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