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Gathering of Engineers

Ludographic considerations from the Silicon Forest

Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Auction Results

Well, we all had a good time today at the auction at Rainy Day Games. I took out 10 games, and only 6 of them got bids, but that's OK. I also spent $23 on a bunch of games, and came hope happy with my loot.

What didn't get bids. Liar's Dice 6 player $5.00 (minimum $9 on the Geek) - I guess this wasn't the copy that someone was waiting for, although it was a pristine copy. Also with no bids were Disorderly Conduct at $1.00, then Outwit at $2.00 (3 others just like it) and Nightmare the Video Game $5.00, although an Atmosfear (essentially the same game) went for $15.00.

What did sell. Adel Verpflichtet sold for $6.50, on the Geek it sells for about $12. Can't Stop sold for $12, on the Geek it goes for $22. Evergreen sold for $5.00 (sealed), and $17 new on the Geek. San Gimignano sold for $5.00, goes for $25 on the Geek. Overall I'd say folks that bought my stuff (thank you!) still got pretty good deals compared to what they would have paid on Boardgamegeek.

What I brought home.
Bang: Dodge City $2.00, $7 on the Geek. This adds some new things to Bang!, a game my kids like. It lets 8 people play the game as well.

Venezia around $5, around $15 on the Geek. I played this at Doug's house, complete with pigeons fighting over the palazzo in Rome. Fun, interesting action selection.

Thunder's Edge around $5, sells for about $20 on the Geek. I played this at Dave's house on a Saturday some time ago. Since I have an expansion for it, this might go into the sale pile with the expansion if I decide it's not quite for me.

Targui around $3.00, around $20 on the Geek. Variable board, nice artwork, some elements of RISK and some typical to area control games.

Penguin Ultimatum Around $2.5, around $10 on the Geek. Since we like Monkeys in the Moon a lot, this was an easy ine to bid on. In this case, you're hiring talent to display their best efforts for the Penguin Emperor and his court. Plenty of wacky fun.

Termitenspiele $1.00 (thanks Peter!) An Edition Perlhuhn game by Rheinhold Wittg. From the rules, it's hard to tell what's going on but essentially it's 4 sets of 16 cubes (heavy cardstock) that show termite trails along 6 sides and get lined up in various puzzle-style games.

Laguna Around $5, $15 on the Geek. Franz Vohwinkel art; a beautiful game about pearl diving and catching currents around the islands, which may or may not help you get the pearls home.

At these prices, these are easily games that if they get played even twice they're worth the price, and they are all decent enough to pass on to other gamers if they turn out not to be on our top shelf list. It's not about making money though. If I want to sell games, clearly Ebay or Boardgamegeek is a better option.

I appreciate Stave and Amy at Rainy Day for running the auction; what a great way to boost the store as a "serve your customers" place. The pizza and the beer next door were alos good, but mostly because Chris Brooks gave in and did "Back in the USSR" at the karaoke bar for all of us.

And to all my buddies there, it was gret to see you and see you again soon at Gamestorm.


  • At 4:09 AM, Anonymous Peer said…

    An Edition Perlhuhn-Game for 1$ ??? I guess they arent so known over there... Even if most of them are more art than game, no Perlhuhn game ever fetched less then 25 EUR on ebay over here...
    Termitenspiele mght as well go for 30-50 EUR, depending on the number of collectors bidding...


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