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Gathering of Engineers

Ludographic considerations from the Silicon Forest

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

An Embarrassment of Riches

This is a really dumb question to ask someone with lots of disposable income and very poor impulse control, but I'll take a shot. I'll cover what I like, and an example of a game that fits in the category, and why I don't have that particular title.

I love pieces, lots and lots of pieces, hence my insane purchase of several Eagle Games titles. As such, I'd really like a copy of Railroad Tycoon, but without the component problems.

I'd love to play the ASL games I have, but this is unlikely. So that sort of counts as a game I don't have.

I love anything collectible, which is why I've sworn off of CCGs for the rest of my life (and I'm doing quite well at this). However, a game like Duel of Ages, with it's eighty-seven expansions, is exactly the sort of thing that was published with an idiot like me in mind. Given how lame the base game looked, I managed to hand it off to Chris without buying any of the expansions. I count this a bullet dodged.

I love ridiculously complex games that take forever to play. I never even set most of these games up, but just having the rulebook somewhere nearby makes me feel very smart. World in Flames, Armageddon Edition is an excellent example, but also one I already own. Roads and Boats, Antiquity, A World At War (the repackage of Advanced Third Reich/Rising Sun), all are games I'd like to buy, but the price puts me off. I've already got one $90 game I'm unlikely to ever play (Triumph of Chaos).

I like flashy, shiny computer games, even RTS games that I don't play well and generally lose interest in quickly. Fortunately, I have a Mac, so my options are a bit limited. However, World of Warcraft and other well-executed MMORPGs are a genre I think I'd enjoy, but I think I'd enjoy them way too much and I love my wife and my disposable income.

Carcasonne: The Discovery is very cool, and I've played it a couple of times and enjoyed it. However, I like C:The City just as well if not more, and two Carcassone games is plenty for me. OK, I've got one or two of the little expansions as well, I don't think that should count. Plus, only Funagain carries Discovery, and now that my sister doesn't live in Ashland any more there's really no reason for me to shop with them (Boards and Bits gets me games the next day for less shipping and generally lower prices).

Dungeon Twister appeals to me, although I had such a bad reaction to Cave Troll that I'm leery to buy anything that smacks of Ameritrash from FFG. Also, I have few 2-player gaming opportunities, although that didn't keep me from buying Puenct and all of the GIPF series.

Otherwise, I'm pretty close to saturation, if not already there. A third of my existing collect is waiting for the next Rainy Day Games auction (they are gonna have to make a rule just for me, I think), and I just ordered ten games that were all I could find at the Boards and Bits site for my big holiday order.


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