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Gathering of Engineers

Ludographic considerations from the Silicon Forest

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stream of Consciousness

Time to introduce myself, your Wednesday "columnist."

My name is Doug Cooley, and I'm sorry to say that I can technically be called the founder of Rip City Gamers. I've had games ever since I can remember, with such exciting titles as King Oil, Billionaire, and even the old Monday Night Football game. That should date me pretty effectively! Sadly, all of these games are long gone, I believe I have nothing from that era other than my AH wargames.

I like games in general, although I have learned that almost anything collectible (which is to say open-ended) is not for me, just a bit too much of the addiction gene in me to make this financially wise. While I've dabbled with miniatures, I have to say that my preferences for historical gaming tend more to the general rather than the specific (such as uniforms, insignia, etc) that seem to be a big draw for the minatures gamer. That and I have enough expensive hobbies. However, I do enjoy wargames and euros quite a bit, to the point that I've effectively run out of places to hide them from my wife.

A little more bio: I have an electrical engineering degree, and have worked in high tech as a coder, high-end engineering customer support tech, course developer, trainer, and project manager. I also have a master's in choral music conducting, and am at the very least competent in voice and piano, not to mention computer music. Which is all to say that I get bored very easily. Currently I'm working as a bookkeeper for my family business, having effectively retired a few years ago. Strange that when I stopped working for the Man I suddenly had considerably less time to surf the net...

The final thing you should know is that, according to the Myers-Briggs test, I am fairly extroverted, which is to say that I type as I think. When I put something out on the blog, it isn't intended to be Gospel (although that will happen occasionally). My comments are intended as part of a discussion, and while this may or may not be what happens thanks to the ominpresence of spam in comments sections (b*stards), I do hope that people will call me on things that they disagree with.

Silly me, this is the web. Of course I'll get called out. Duh.

Currently I'm recovering from a very long weekend spent playing wargames with my good friend Chuck (and a few others who joined as the week went on): Royal Tank Corps, Barbarossa to Berlin, The Mighty Endeavor, War of the Ring, Wellington (twice), Sword of Rome, Rommel in the Desert, and I'm sure one or two others. BtB was particularly gratifying, I won as the Germans with much uncertainty on the last few card plays. Key strategy: ignore North Africa for the most part. That, and draw the right cards in the right order (Achse and Nordlicht in particular were quite timely, although Taifun wasn't). I can hardly wait to play again.

In the future, I hope to discuss some key differences between wargames and euros, pbem vs ftf, why Who you play with is more important than What, and that new game smell. Until then, remember that there are no solutions, only choices.



  • At 11:03 AM, Blogger dave said…

    I wouldn't mind a post providing more information on last week's gaming getaway. You could just send it to our group if you wanted to use your blog for opining.


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